Some cultures think old people are of higher value than the youth, while other cultures value the youth more. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.

The social fabric of a society is built with the right blend of both the old and younger generations. Many cultures seem to prefer the young blood,


, many others, credit the older generations with a higher value. While both factions have positive and negative aspects, in my opinion, it is the youth that are incidental to any nation_s true value.


, the significant worldly experience garnered by the older generation, is undoubtedly priceless. In most cases, seniors have gone through multiple upheavals of a growing economy and have witnessed the various ebbs and flows.


, they are regarded to be in respectable stature to


guide the younger generation, with a long-term view. To illustrate with an example, it is


precise reason why many countries prefer to elect a senior, more experienced and much wiser political leader, to lead the nations_ development.

On the other hand

, the rapid pace with which technology is fundamentally transforming the world, it truly benefits paying heed to the youth. Not only do youngsters contribute a higher tax and drive up the consumerism, but


are the early adopters of the latest technologies.

In addition

, they are adept at combining the age-old knowledge and experience of the seniors, with the latest tech tools.


, utilizing advanced software and AI, as the perfect blend of traditional heritage values and tech powered future.

For example

, countries like India are appointing younger ministers to their government offices to benefit from their tech mindsets.


, many business houses have given the reign to the younger stalwarts to drive the organizations to even greater heights.

To conclude, despite the varied benefits that accompany the older generation citizens, I agree that youngsters contribute more value to any society. It is


imperative, that all nations where only the word of elderlies is valued, should incorporate the viewpoints and suggestions of the youngsters as well.

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