Some cities create new housing for their growing populations by constructing a smaller number of high-rise buildings. Other cities create more of low-rise buildings. Which solution is better, in your opinion?

With the growing


, many cities are experiencing less space available for residents and


creating high-rise buildings, while some cities still prefer the traditional accommodation system


as low rise or individual houses. I believe the floor size is completely determined by the


density and preferences of residents, which we will


discuss in detail in the following paragraphs.

To embark upon, many metropolitan cities are crowded and prefer to stay within the close vicinity of their workplace but because of lack of place, many governments are preferring to build more flats within the same building.


, high rise buildings come with varied facilities and the major benefit is low cost

That is

to say that, more flats available within the same space to accommodate large number of families. The outcome of


is more facilities available within the society at marginal cost.

For instance

, a recent comprehensive study conducted discloses that more and more residents are attracted to high-rise buildings as it extends more facilities like gymnasium, supermarket, child care centre saves great time for fast-paced city lives.

On the flip side, some cities dwellers prefer to stay in low-rise buildings or individual apartment because of several reasons


as privacy and



might be compartively costly for metro city residents as the supply is short,


Tier II and Tier 3 cities have major


staying in individual houses with maximum two to three floors as the mostly residents have migrated to big cities because of work.

To conclude, the building model completely resides the density of the


and individual choices and budges.


, most


prefer to stay in high rise building to avail societal amenities and close neighbourhood.

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