Some children receive almost no encouragement from their parents regarding their performance at school, while other children receive too much pressure from their over enthusiastic parents which can have a negative impact on the child. Why do you think some parents put too much pressure on their children to perform well at school? What do you think the role of a parent should be in their child_s education?

While some young people cannot see proper feedback from their parents for learning activities, others are under constant control. The following essay will examine why some parents pay extra attention to their child_s success at educational institutions.


, I will share my opinion regarding the ideal model of the behaviour of mothers and fathers in their children_s school life.

To begin

with, the main reason to push


to perform better at school is the fear to be judged by society.

In other words

, since the media has been establishing the idea of an ideal family with well-educated children for many years, a variety of adults believe that if their


fail in studies, they will become far from the designed model. As an example, a huge number of films present families with


who have unique knowledge and get great marks, so people consider


picture as a brilliant example.


, parents make the child study hard to correspond to



Speaking about the role of adults in the educational life of their children, I claim that they should just direct and slightly correct the path of studying. To put it differently, their contribution should be limited to a daily quick conversation about the status of the assignment, and it should


include some corrections to their future plans of learning.

For instance

, my mum and dad never tried to put pressure on me, as they believed that I had to take the decision by myself and learn how to control my education.

As a result

, I could manage easily my daily routine, and


skill is still helpful in my work life.

To sum up, we are all too familiar with overacting of adults in situations related to their


_ education. I think the main contributor to


behaviour is the common opinion of society about the best family picture.


, from my point of view, mothers and fathers should only slightly help the child in his studying practices.

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