Some children find some school subjects difficult, so these subjects should be optional rather than compulsory. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Education plays an imperative role in the holistic development of children so it becomes really crucial to have a knowledge of every educational program


as science, computer, art, sports and many more.


, there are a few students who think that


subjects which are difficult to grasp should be made secondary. In my perspective, every course has their own importance which could relate with the realistic world, thereby, it is necessary to have a prior experience of every field which could be best accessible in educational institutions.

To begin

with, most of the demanding and highly paid professions are related to fields of science, technology. If only a few students would indulge themselves towards


courses, it becomes tough for the nation to fulfil the need of doctors, engineers and architects in the country.

As a result

of which health care, infrastructure would be compromised and the country would be in grave danger of hunger, unemployment and violence.

In other words

, children who spent time studying tough courses are less likely to engage in the conflicts and enable more opportunities for employment for them in the future.




of diverting attention on other subjects, one should concentrate more on these areas to attain better career options.


, working on hard subjects would build up a work ethic which not only helps in the short term but


in the long run while working hard to achieve one_s goal or aim, because difficult situations come to everybody and if one is prepared already, it makes a lot easier to deal with complex circumstances of personal and professional life.


, parents should encourage their children to spend more hour while studying courses which are arduous to understand.

To recapitulate,


consuming time on learning difficult concepts need a plethora of time and energy,


, parents with the support of educational institutions could help their children to understand these programs.


, schools should keep these academic subjects as obligatory but provide


effort and attention towards the students.

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