Some believe it is important for cities and towns to invest heavily in building large outdoor public spaces. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

There is currently a contentious argument over whether it is necessary to spend a large amount of money on constructing public open areas or not. I totally agree with


opinion due to a vast range of reasons and some of them will be addressed in



The main reason why I believe that cities should invest heavily in building spacious outdoor public areas is that people emotionally need these places in order to relieve their anxieties these days which are full of intense pressures.

In other words

, these places prevent depression in society by helping people feel more relaxed.

For example

, recent studies indicate that spending one hour a day in outdoor spaces can decrease the level of depression by 30 per cent.


, another reason why I strongly advocate


notion is based on the fact that people’s physical health can be obviously improved by expanding the sports amenities.


, investing in outdoor public places which are included by some sports facilities plays a vital role in increasing the level of physical health in society.

For instance

, in the capital city of Iran, the increasing number of public open spaces has led to a decrease in the average number of people’s physical disorders by 20 per cent in the recent five years.

In conclusion,


it is sometimes argued that spending money on building public open areas is not productive, I completely disagree with


idea because it can help people to improve their health conditions mentally and physically.

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