Social Media websites have amassed large user bases. Do the advantages of being a part of a social media site outweigh the disadvantages?

There are a number of websites available on internet but social media websites have become more popular as it attracts the users of all age groups. In my opinion, I do completely agree that they are used to connect people majorly alongside the increase in cybercrime.
To embark on, these sites provide a large number of information for the users. Communication has become cheaper and accessible as we can talk to our beloved ones round the globe via What_s app, Skype,


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and zoom.


One can find a suitable job for their profile without exhausting a large amount of money.



example, Linkedin, indeed etc. It provides a great launch for the startups and as well as advertisements become easier and cheaper.

For instance

, nowadays we can circulate messages online across the world with a single click, through Facebook, Twitter and so many other websites.

On the other hand

, everything has pros and cons. So, Everytime we are using these sources, they require our personal data and data keeping it on the verge of being stolen and misused by the hackers.


, Kids are more prone to get cyber bullied as they are naïve. For illustration, Blue whale game where children were forced to do hazardous tasks and risk their lives.
In a nutshell, if people are more aware while using and sharing their personal info on social media and keep an eye for the younger ones


definitely the advantages of being a part of a social media site outweigh the disadvantages.

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