Smoking is gaining widespread popularity among the youth. Discuss the reasons for this problem and give workable solutions.

In the current times, smoking is developing as a bright concept among the youth and spreading like wildlife. Today in the essay, we would discuss both the concerning issue and the viable solution to the mattress,


the adoption of smoking occurs due to influence and it often considered as ‘cool_ which is an incorrect notion and


, the immediate need for appreciation awareness campaign as well as the harmful effects of it is necessary to be communicated.

To begin

with, the millennials have created a mindset of smoking being an essential prerequisite of adulting which would enable them to be widely accepted by their peers due to


reason smoking is gaining popularity.

For instance

, when students join a new college, they tend to embark upon smoking to make new friends and mingle sufficiently in the college community.


, it is entitled as the highest degree of ‘coolness_ and acceptable among youth. Some students who opt-out of


addition or even practise are generally outcast and treated differently from the majority


people are labelled to be backward. The notion around smoking is a massive facade which engulfs today_s youth.


, it is not considered the end of the world as there are alternatives to fight these burning problems


as embracing strong awareness campaigns throughout the younger generation.

For example

, showing them the harmful effects and long term repercussions which are often displayed in the movie theatre as well as by certain ads.


, it is necessary to create a safe environment for them to grow and discard the feeling of being influenced to adopt wrong habits.


,to conclude we know every action has its own consequences , I believe enabling a healthy environment with proper education about smoking is essential to curb its current growth among the young people as well as helps them make an informed decision not out of pressure.

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