Small business are disappearing and being replaced by large multinational companies. Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

Global international companies are developing at a fast pace. It forces small enterprises to be closed due to the lack of resources for enduring the tough competition. The vivid disadvantages of


phenomenon clearly outweigh the flawed arguments in favour of the development of huge companies.

The primary drawback for


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society is that small and medium entrepreneurs generally support the local community.

That is

to say that without these businesses faraway regions lose working places and social support.

For instance

, in a fair amount of provincial Russian


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the majority of plants and profound manufactures were closed. As a consequence, the population density is gradually decreasing every year as there is no career opportunities, proper universities, or even entertaining facilities.


, a small


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of rivals lead to the lack of fair competition on the


and, eventually, to a monopoly.


, if there are no natural means of


regulation in exact spheres, the price increase cannot be restricted. A brilliant example is Rosneft corporation, which namely controls the whole


of fossil fuels in Russia and,

as a result

, people witness an annual increase in petrol prices as well as of all other products because everybody utilises fuel for distribution.

A possible advantage is that receiving various goods or services in one place might help ordinary citizens to save their time. There are more and more corporations, offering a full package of services, which undoubtfully is more convenient to interact


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Even a couple of years ago, humans had to visit a number of various places to buy meals, consumer goods, and electronic devices, whereas now they are able to place an order for all these goods in one company and everything will be delivered at once.

In conclusion, some global corporations assist to avoid waste of time,


, the disadvantages of small companies_ disappearance from the


significantly outweigh as it has adverse consequences for the wellbeing of local communities.

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