Should education and healthcare be free of charge and funded by the government, or should it be the responsibility of the people to pay for these services?

Sample Answer 1: [The expenditure should be divided.] , It is irrefutable that a country’s growth largely depends on how educated and healthy its citizens are. The burgeoning population and the lack of funds often make it harder for the authority to bear the expenses of their needs, especially in education, housing and treatment. I believe that an effective solution would be to divide the expenditures between the government and the individuals.

To begin with, education, nowadays, plays a vital role in the development of a society. Not only it creates job opportunities, but also help people become aware of the socio-economic issues of the country. Making education free till the age of 18 would encourage the pupils to finish at least their secondary education. For instance, the percentage of student enrollment in schools in 2011 in my country increased by 19% than that of 2009, and it was because the government exempted fees for students in these classes.

Moreover, the healthcare system can also be improved by providing either health insurance or schemes that cover a minimum of 50 per cent of the cost. Thus people would not feel that healthcare is expensive while the government would not need to bear the expenses alone. A healthier nation can help the country achieve greater heights as citizens in such countries are more productive. Consequently, economic growths will get bolstered and the government would be able to become self-reliant.
To conclude, with the implementation of the said measures there would be no burden on either the government or individuals. Both the government and individuals can go hand in hand to cope with this and build an enlightened and healthy nation. , [Written by – Manpreet]

Sample Answer 2: [The government should take responsibility and pay for these services.]

Healthcare and education are two fundamental rights of every human being, and they are essential for the development of a country. Who should, however, bear the cost of healthcare and education – the public or the government, is controversial. But, I sincerely believe that the government should take responsibility to ensure free education and treatment to its citizens.

To commence with, the government is not the authoritarian ruler of a country, not at least in this modern era. Rather a country has an administrative system so that the country runs properly, the authority can take development initiatives, laws and orders are maintained, citizens get their basic rights, and the country stands proudly among the world nations. If this is what the management wants to achieve it must alleviate people from poverty through education and training, and offer highly effective healthcare facility, without which the country and its tradition would crumble. Giving responsibility to its citizen to take care of their education and healthcare would be the last thing a government should do.

Moreover, without ensuring education for all, no country can achieve growth and eliminate poverty, and keep pace with the world. Education not only helps people become financially independent but also enlighten them. On the other hand, proper healthcare makes a healthy nation that eventually contributes to building a better nation. The struggling education and healthcare systems in many poor countries, for example, are the main obstacle to their development.

Finally, the government collects a staggering amount of revenue from direct and indirect tax each year. If this tax money is not spent on educating the taxpayers’ children or ensuring their proper treatment, no other policy can better utilise this money. Besides, poor citizens rely on the government when it comes to changing their fate and keeping them well. Without ensuring education for their children and offering them healthcare services, the government fails to keep its promises.

To conclude, healthcare and education are fundamental rights of citizens, and the government must ensure these two rights to them to fulfil its obligation to the nation and to help the country develop.

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