Shopping is the favorite pastime for most of the young people.

I believe that shopping is the best phase in everyone_s life because some people are spending lots of life in the malls, shopping centres and shopping area.

Most of the girls are doing as shopping for enjoyment purpose because they have not any other activity at home. People want to buy some new product like saree or any other outfits because they want to know about some new designs, price of clothes and materials. It becomes a part of a hobby. Some people are advertising for clothes and get discounted because the main factor is attraction of people. Some shopkeepers are explained in an interesting way to buy that product. For example, I have a shopping centre and I have some clothes to sell it in a brisk manner. So after that I want to give some discount on it because the public will attract.

In another way, some people are saying that it is a waste of life and waste of lots of money. If we tired or getting bored ok it is good space to spend with friends. In the modern era, shopping is the big thing for women. For example, I am a housewife and I am spending lots of time at home and I am bored. It is splendid for me because we better learn through the shopping.

I conclude that there are many factors. How to past term is not important, but the thing is a good moment. Shopping gives happiness. Advertisement is important for the shopkeeper because factor is a prominent stage for generating. It is a good way to learn form shopkeepers.

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