Shopping has become a favourite past time for young people. Why is that the case? Should they be encouraged to use their free time in a better way?

Many young people spend their leisure time by going shopping with their friends. Affordability and peer pressure are the main things are to be blamed for


. I believe young minds should be guided in the right direction to make better use of their free hours.

A relatively large number these young generations live a financially affluent life with the ability to buy anything for their comfort. The importance and value of money is something they are completely unaware of. Ignorantly they tend to spend on sophisticated things without giving a



For example

, taking their friends for shopping and spending lavishly on the expenses without any worries is typical of any youngster.


, peer pressure is another reason for shopping for young people.

For example

, when a model of mobile phone with specialised features is launched recently, seeing one of their friends buying the phone triggers their urge to buy one for themselves. Even though it is not necessary, but to be part of their friends_ group and stay up to date with others they purchase these products.

By proper guidance, these young generation can learn to effectively spend their leisure hours. Works


as volunteering at the city library, working part-time at a nearby restaurant and, babysitting can teach some crucial life lessons


as time management, responsibility, and good citizenship.

To conclude, young people should not consider shopping as a preferred choice to kill time.


being affordable is favourable, youngsters should not take leverage on that. I believe


of falling as prey to peer pressure, they should be guided to engage themselves in other forms of hobbies


as volunteering and working part-time.

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