Research into new types of medicine and treatments are essential for the improvement of health and deal with diseases. Who do you think should fund these researches: private companies, individuals or governments?

Research and developments are essential for the growth of any nation. Development in the field of


and diseases is the prime area for any research institute that consist of finding the treatments and drugs for ailments. In my opinion, government should be responsible for funding these centres and will give reasons in the following paragraphs.

The most persuasive reason is related to the amount of money required for the experiments. Research is the extensive and time taking process and its mandatory to finance the trials until its completion as incomplete results have no value. Huge investments that are required for extended experiments might not be possible for the private pharmaceutical laboratories and almost impossible for individuals.

For example

, many years and billions of dollars were spent to find out the dreadful diseases like cancer and AIDS.

Another significant reason is concerned with the responsibility. Finding out the new innovations for the benefit of the human race is a practice and its continuous process, which it is the major responsibility of a government or




department not only work for the country ‘s current


issues, but

also consider

also considers

the future and invest on medical explorations.

For example

, the Guardian newspaper recently published a report that every year investment in medical sectors is increasing by 5%.

In conclusion, for the improvement of person_s


by spending in the research area is an essential task. Funding of these institutes should be done by the authority as private companies and individuals do not have the capacity to do



On the other hand

, if private firms contribute and help the government in the case of valuable findings will make


a joint venture.

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