Question: Some people feel that public money should not be spent on cultural amenities, such as museums, theaters and art festivals. How important do you think these things are to society as a whole ? Are there any areas which are more important for the government to fund.

It is believed by some people that


ought not to spend public funds on cultural attractions and events, namely museums, theatres and cultural celebrations, because they are not necessary.


, to see the funding of


historical ar

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events, useless

ight be a narrow- minded view, even though there are other equally important sectors that deserve


_s attention.

Admittedly, art infrastructures might not bring out any useful inventions that can improve the quality of our life, but

that is

not to say it does not help with cultural preservation. The ideal way generations to can know about our ways of life is to safeguard the precious ar

tifacts i

a man-made object taken as a whole

n museums and celebrate cultural festivals. In


places, people can appreciate cultural symbols or display their luxurious and unique regalia. Another significance of preserving heritage sites and events is that it could possibly generate foreign exchange.

For example

, religious tourists flock in thousands yearly to Jerusalem in order to observe Jesus_ tomb. Even though hu

ge amount o

a huge amount
huge amounts

f money might be spent to maintain historical sites, the money would be recouped ten times over.


, the generated income can be used to fund other crucial societal areas.

Foremost among these other areas is security. Any serious


would want to ensure there is adequate provision for sa

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the safety

f lives and property, and that people can conduct their activities of daily life without any atom of trepidation.


can only be achieved by heavy investment in procurement of arms, recruitment of relevant security personnel, and maximization of technology. A


core sector is job creation. If authorities neglect the provision of adequate job opportunities for its numerous citizens, it would undermine any effort to beef up security.


is because more people would become involved in anti- social activities to survive.


is t


wo sectors, along with the art, appears to be key areas


need to focus on

In conclusion, cultural preservation should be seen as among a range of issues that deserve huge


_s expenditure due to its vast income generating potential enough to fund other aforementioned areas.

In addition

, it ensures the stability of culture for years to come

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