Prison is the common way in most countries try to solve the problem of crime. However, a more effective solution is to provide people with a better education. Do you agree or disagree

Whereas in the majority parts of the globe,jails are a conventional approach for restricting the rate of delinquency,some people allege that enhancing humans_ education can be more fruitful to tackle




,in my point of view,a corporation of both is required to decrease the number of criminal activities.


,different aspects are explained here.

One of the most highlighted positive footprints of studying has to due with the opportunities that would emerge for folks in terms of both occupation and their salaries as well.As a vivid case,graduated individuals have a better chance to grasp a qualified vocation with acceptable income,


their appeals for getting involved with lawbreaking functions plummet drastically.


,owing to either broadened prospect of the globe due to studying or a higher expectation from them may be the impressive curb on the route of crime.

For instance

,it would be embarrassing for them if be arrested for ignoring the law,while they are looked up to as knowledgable people.

On the other hand

,indeed the rate of deceivings would skyrocket if prisons become abolished,while juveniles have increased their data in some particular fields.To enlighten,an expert in the realm of technology has a better capability for defrauding others by the internet,which has dominated around the world.


,if they were not encountered any penalisation,they would not hesitate about misusing their information.


,most of the vicinities around the universe will be unsafe for residing,while there is no fierce of jail for abusers.To illustrate,everyone prefers to have more wealth in exchange for lower tears,so as the easiest way,they choose delinquency as their job.

To recapitulate,whereas some believe that knowledge can be more beneficial than prisons in order to control the rate of crime,to me,a mixture of them is the remedial idea for


problem.Due to the lessons that individuals learn in universities,their abilities for exploiting their talent in the wrong ways soar


,if prison awaits them.

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