Poor nutrition and obesity is a problem in many developed countries and some people believe that a tax on fast food would reduce the problem. Do you agree?

Many developed nations are facing lack of good nutrition and


. To solve


problem, some people argue that government should tax on fast food, but some argue that it is not a perfect solution.
On the one hand, fast foods are one of the causes of poor nourishment and


. Ingredients of fast food are often greasy, which can be side-effects for our health and it is not suitable for prolonged eating.


, because of its reasonable price, many people are still choosing fast foods


of having a balanced-diet.

For example

, I would prefer a burger and coke for my lunch because I don_t want to spend my time and money for a healthy meal.


, fast foods are available in many places. So, taxation on fast foods may bring a


-thought of buying and selling them to the consumers and the retailers respectively.

On the other hand

, even the government will tax on fast food, the problems of health issues will not be minimized. Only a proper diet may bring sufficient nourishment and it will be beneficial for our fitness.

For instance

, we need to have a certain amount of vegetables, fruits, fish and meats, and some ministries should educate properly to the public. Another way to solve


is to have a regular exercise. To do so, the local authorities should provide public gyms in some places.
To sum up, I partly agree to tax on fast foods, in fact, we should only focus on the other effective ways to reduce


and poor nutrition.

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