Plastic bags, plastic bottles and plastic packaging are bad for the environment. What damage does plastic do to the environment? What can be done by government and individuals to solve this problem?

Nowadays, the use of plastics has become prevalent as they are cheap and have different purposes.


essay discusses the problems caused by paper materials to the surroundings. Suggestions on what the state and the public need to do to solve


issue will be highlighted.


and foremost, synthetic containers lead to different diseases and the death of some domesticated animals


as cattle and goats . They are


not good for the atmosphere as they are one of the highest polluters. In most rural areas where domestic animals are kept, plastics become a number one delicacy in times of drought.


leads to different diseases and in worst cases death.


, several cities in the world especially in the less developed countries have a lot of plastic waste ,especially in urban areas. Those residing in flats have a tendency of throwing papers through the windows and


messes the environment.

For instance

, In 2018, a study was carried out in Hong Kong, the results proved that about 32% of people living in the old flats used windows as their thrush bin.

To fix


issue, the government should punish anyone found littering, and everyone must comply


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the rules. To add on, the authorities must put recycling facilities close to apartments and every house should be required to have a litter basin. The introduction of high fines will help. If someone is caught damaging the surroundings, they must be liable to punishment and pay a fine.


will help everyone to be more cautious of their environment. Supplying residents with recycling platforms and teaching them about the benefits will help curb the pollution problem. To exemplify, in South Africa there are platforms where the public learns about reusing papers. In


regard, about 78% of the homeless occupants survive on plastic recycling,


has made cities less pollinated.

In conclusion, plastics not only damage the environment but


cause loss of life. Providing recycling places by the leaders and educating people will help



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