People who travel to another country to live, work or study for a period of time often suffer badly from homesickness. Why is it? What are the best ways to reduce this problem?

It has been said that visiting other nations by the individuals for purposes


as working, studying for a considerable amount of time affect them negatively as due to loneliness they suffer huge homesickness. That essay will discuss the cause of


issue along with the methods to mitigate that trouble.

The reasons why


happens is explained as follows. One of the


problems will be when individuals migrate to other nations by themselves they do not have the moral support or assistance from their parents which have been needed for taking care.


,the students or workers who study or do jobs in their homes have more chances to suffer from



For example

, a study by the overseas department demonstrates that due to occurrence of lockdowns in the pandemics generate many troubles related to anxiety and depression.

The possible solution for


case may be tackled by encouraging pupils to spend time by talking to their parents, friends by the source of social networking sites. The


answer would be to do professional activities in actual places, to illustrate in colleges or companies rather than home.


, bringing animals or pets in their houses prevent them to alleviate those kinds of cases.

For instance

, the research by one of the Australian university claims that spending some time with pets like dogs would be very effective to deal with anxiety and homesickness.

To conclude, because of lack of support from guardians and earning or learning in the home may give rise to the loneliness and could be deterred by implementing techniques which includes passing moments with animals or guiding them to work in companies or colleges rather than home.

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