People today do not feel safe either at home or when they are out. What are the causes? What solutions can you suggest?

In recent years, global safety rates are observed to decline drastically to an extent that people now feel insecure wherever they are.


essay will discuss two of the main causes why individuals do not feel safe either indoors or outdoors and will


highlight some potential measures which can be taken to tackle



To begin

with, the most obvious reason behind the fear of insecurity among masses is the surge in crime rate due to unemployment.


is because people tend to tread on wrong paths when they cannot afford two square meals a day and


, get involved in crimes like theft and robbery,


, giving rise to a sense of serious threats in human minds.

For instance

, the crime rate in South Africa is recorded so high that most people keep pistols all the time for their defence. To tackle


situation, government should invest in new technology areas to generate more employment opportunities so as to narrow down the gap between the rich and the poor that may indirectly decrease the potential risks of delinquencies.

Another possible factor can be the element of male-dominance which is still prominent among the illiterate in


so called gender-equivalent society


Accept space

that leads to issues like sexual harassment and domestic violence. As per a recent survey conducted in India, the main reason behind the burgeoning rape cases is the chauvinistic nature of the illiterate youngsters. The solution to


problem involves the authorities to promote education and provide everyone with free educational services. With high literacy comes high thinking, giving birth to a more peaceful society where people would feel safe even while going out at late nights.

To conclude, unemployment and male-dominant nature in combination with the high illiteracy rate are the most significant causes behind the insecurity among people nowadays. I believe that by the regime investing in newer employment areas and promoting free education nationwide,


an issue can definitely be controlled.

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