People after retirement often require financial assistance. Should the government be responsible for this or should the individuals make provisions for themselves? Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

It is a known fact that retired individuals need some monetary support to maintain and sustain their lives. Some people are of the opinion that the financial responsibility should be the duty of the authority while others are of the view that the persons concerned should bear the burden. Personally, I think both the authority and the people involved should play their part and


essay will examine both viewpoints and give a plausible conclusion.

To begin

with, when employees are in active service, they should take the necessary steps to secure their future.


, they have to ensure that they have an active pension fund which can be doing my putting some money anytime they get their salary. Employers


have a role to play by making contributions to employee pension accounts.

For instance

, if a person starts working at the age of 20 and retires at 60, they would have saved up enough money for retirement and would


be able to maintain their life without depending on others.


, the government can


contribute to


cause by ensuring that older people get some benefits.


of all, the authorities can ensure that seniors get discounts on bus passes or transportation within the state and they can


ensure that medical checks are subsidized.

For example

, bus passes can be half price for people who have retired.


, the authority can


ensure that the pension fund of the seniors is tax-free.

To sum it up, employees need to ensure that they take the right steps in securing their future and make adequate plans,


the government has a significant role in ensuring retirees live comfortably.

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