Parents want to achieve balance between family and career but only a few manage to achieve it. What do you think is the reason? Discuss possible solutions and provide examples.

In current scenario every human has run the rat race for fulfilling their rudimentary needs. Everyone wants to balance their professional and relational soul in better ways;


, some get success to manage it but some not


Accept space

The primary cause of its cuts, threats, competition and the possible solution is that dividing responsibility with each others.

To embark with, there are some possible reasons which create a problem to assemble the personal and business growth. The cut threats, competition are the biggest problem in modern society because everyone wants to earn more capital in little time. Owing to these factor parents hinge on money rather than caring the family members.

For example

, an accountant is that kind of job in which people spent more time outside than at home.


, in present era maximum people love to live in nuclear family, in which parents want two bread winner for better future of own their kids, but in


situation they forgetful about their child_s care. Due to


factor misunderstanding has become in personal growth.


, there is some possible solution if parents are following these steps than they can easily manage office work and family responsibilities.


, everyone should have to plan and do things in advance. Employee as an example, he has to do 35 hours work in a week and making some schedule to go outside with family members on weekends.


, every human should have to divide role and responsibility because in modern days bot parents are working. In


way a father should take some household work with mother to balance the activity style.


type of activity


puts a positive impact on infant mind and they can learn how to manage the family power.

To conclude, everyone learns about their strength and weakness of their soul. Taking responsibility is only one factor to assign the better


the growth


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