Overpopulation of urban areas has led to numerous problems. Identify one or two serious problems and suggest ways that governments and individuals can tackle these problems

Urban migration is

as a result

of more and more companies, industries and conglomerates opening new factories in the urban areas rather than rural areas and


has led to overpopulation, causing government and citizens problems which need to be tackled.


essay will identify these problems as well as proffer solutions which can nip it in the bud.


, the increased number of people in the urban areas has caused serious problems for the transport system. The road transport is the major means of movement, the roads are always congested in the early hours of the day, which results in worker_s getting late to their place of work. A ride from Queens road to Stamford bridge usually takes twenty minutes, but due to heavy traffic, it takes about forty five minutes in the mornings.


, the crime rate has increased. Though more factories are opening, the number of unemployment is still low leading to increased crime rate in the city. Many youths are unemployed and jobless. They become thieves overnight, breaking into people_s home, while they are asleep, carting away their valuables. Areas in the city where security isn_t uptight are mostly affected, especially areas around Peckham and Woolwich.
To resolve these issues, the government should provide other means of transportation. The rail system is barely used and doesn_t carry enough passengers for a day ride. Government should invest more in the rail system by constructing more railways, stations and purchase modern trains.


will ease the burden on the road and reduce accidents as well as car breakdowns.


, the government should tackle the insecurity. More policemen should be employed and deployed to areas which are prone to robbery so as to reduce the crime rate.
In conclusion, urban migration is a sign of an improved economy for the country, but it shouldn_t be a problem causing more harm than good for the citizens.

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