Ordinary people try to copy famous people either reading magazines or watching TV. Why do they do this. Do you think it is a good idea to copy famous people.

Imitating the habits of successful people has been in trend for many decades now.


, persons in the street are generally more inclined to inculcate


lifestyle. The merits of


change indeed, in my opinion, outweigh its demerits.


writing will elaborate on the plausible reasons behind these steps and later on will


argue why it has subtle benefits.

To begin

with, everyone aspires to live an ecstatic life and in


era of advertisements, one gets allured by the fascinating and inspiring lifestyle of celebrities. Most importantly, few people try to fake their way of living in order to either flaunt in front of their friends or attract their career opportunities.

For instance

, urban communities tend to follow the latest trends as

that is

the need of their career prospects. After that, proven methodologies followed by known personalities are being tried to be imbibed by few others.

For example

, top 10 habits of great leaders are being published by a popular YouTube channel named _Top 10 Habits_ which now has millions of subscribers.


, people get impacted by famous celebrities.


, following the people under the spotlight is alike a double-edged sword which has both advantages and disadvantages.


of all, having an ideal person seems to be a prominent benefit because it helps to take right decision in different confusing situations in due course of life.


, blindly following anyone with the objective to fake one_s personality brings no value.


, as per my perspective, the positives of aforementioned transformation clearly outbalance its negatives.

In conclusion, ordinary persons generally try to copy famous personalities owing to their fascinating lifestyles.


, it has few indispensable advantages which overbalance some of its disadvantages.

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