Nowadays there is a growing trend of private car ownership. Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages with the environmental problems associated with this.

Buying your own


is a rising trend across the world and a greater number of people now have their own private vehicle. Despite making an individual_s life easier, I believe


has a greater number of negatives than positives and both will be covered in coming paragraphs.

The major advantages of owning a four-wheeler are convenience and saving of time.


, having a personal motorcar makes the lives of people easier as they can now travel to any place by road at will.

For example

, one can enjoy a road trip with friends, commute to the daily job, and even save a life by taking someone to the hospital by their automobile.


, it saves a lot of travel time for one using their vehicle versus taking public transportation to go anywhere.

As a result

, more individuals are getting a


for themselves as it makes their lives more convenient.

Having said that, private cars have certain disadvantages which cannot be ignored.


, it is a big source of air pollution. With private auto ownership rising, the rate of poisonous gases being emitted by cars in our environment has


gone up. To illustrate, in Delhi CO2 emissions have doubled due to an increase in private cars ultimately deteriorating the quality of air locals breathe in.


, owning a


is a costly affair. Initial high fixed costs, rising fuel prices and regular


service require one to spend a substantial amount to enjoy driving their personal four-wheeler.

In conclusion, though purchasing their personal


is convenient in terms of comfort and time, it is very expensive and causes severe damage to our overall environment, which is undeniable over and above all the benefits.

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