Nowadays there are more opportunities for women than there were in the past. Some people think this situation has caused more problems than it has solved. What are your opinions on this?

In recent years, gender policy is a trend around the globe.


have more conveniences in the present days rather than in the


ages.While others believe


event has affected more issues than it has tackled.From my perspective, if women have more hopes like men, it will give them more chances to find solutions to more and more concerns.

To start with, it is undeniable that there are more opportunities for


in order to study at school and university at the present dates rather than in previous years.


, more and more


acquire prior knowledge at prestigious and top-ranking universities around the world


as Oxford and Cambridge.It was unimaginable to people,


could study at those kinds of universities.Now it is happening and professors and admissions are so proud of showing the achievements or accomplishments of female students to the public.To illustrate that there are some female presidents of Finland, Latvia and the former chancellor of Germany who could help to tackle global affairs and


famous female scientists who were winners of the Novel prize. These are facts that


deserved to be honoured and respected in our community.

On the other hand

, there are some individuals who argue that


has caused more issues


as child-caring, statistics of divorces are increasing day by day, getting married late , following career.

For instance

, there has been an upward trend of divorcing in Kazakhstan for over 3 decades due to the altering of the mentality of


to follow careers in their entire life.


, mothers do not have enough moment to take care of their own offspring because of their busy lifestyles and career.

In a nutshell, giving more opportunities to women might cause some issues,


it proves that


can find solutions to controversies. I wholeheartedly believe that women should seize their opportunities to live better in



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