Nowadays the way many people interact with each other has changed because of technology. In what ways has technology affected the types of relationships people make? Is this a positive or negative development

In the 4.0 era, along with the alteration of cutting-edge technology


as smart mobile devices or 5G networks, our communication method has


changed equally.




tendency exerts a strong effect on the relationship they are creating. From my perspective, the evolution of distance relationships has its own pros and cons explained in



On the one hand, technology makes everything simpler from the way we do the household chores to the method we manage our work effectively using mobile phones or laptops and extending relationships online is not an exception.

For example

, due to the domination of social networking sites


as Facebook, and Instagram, people can chat with their friends as anytime and anywhere that they want and


seems to be the way the majority of them keep in touch with each other.


, there are many dating apps helping singles to find their appropriate partners which stimulate them to change their lifestyles positively.

On the other hand

, digital relationships have their own drawbacks. While the advantages parts could be compared to the floated part of an iceberg, the hidden portion seems to be the real problem of



For instance

, an individual can have a lot of friends on Facebook,


, none of them is really close to him because an instant connection makes a weak friendship.

As a result

, he doesn_t really have any friends and that may cause online social syndromes


as depression.


, there is a high possibility that he may end his life because of loneliness.

In conclusion, widening the friend lists online could bring people closer but the vital point is how people spend time on them to harden their connections as well as become socially active individuals.

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