Nowadays technology is increasingly being used to monitor what people are saying and doing(for eg. through cellphone tracking and security cameras). In many cases, the people being monitored are unaware that this is happening. Do you think the advantages of this development outweigh the disadvantages?

In today_s era, the rapid influx of technology-based surveillance pieces of equipment like cellphones and


cameras are being utilized by individuals to monitor other


_s actions without their knowledge.From my standpoint,


essay will elaborate on both the pros and cons of


phenomenon along with justified reasons and suitable instances.

The introduction to the tech world has provided a plethora of benefits to everyone globally. It has contributed significantly to the


of both the nations as well as its citizens. In order to create a safe and secure zone, the use of these recording devices has risen considerably. For starters, the use of these devices monitors the illicit actions caused by the


. In several cases,


often engage in unjustified activities like stealing, vandalism of property, robbery, etc.


equipment records the entire act in order to catch the main culprit(s).


, these


tools help out various safety and


organizations to locate and/or track the suspects involved in illegal acts. The advancement of technology has enhanced the field of artificial intelligence, which is making it easier to capture offender who hides in unidentified places. An example, in Delhi a recent hit and run accident that claimed the life of a resident occurred. The driver fled the scene leaving the victim behind. Because of the cameras, the police personnel were able to see the entire act in a video format along with the make and model of the car and were able to arrest the responsible criminal.


, there are some downfalls to


concept as well.In most cases, the advancement of technology is being used for negative purposes, leaving persons in the manifold at risk of being exposed.


often get recorded or tracked without their consent which leads to an invasion of their privacy.




is followed by the leakage of the personal data of the respective individual. The access to data provides the hackers with information based on audio-visual form, which leads to cyber-based attacks.


, the concept of blackmail is


delved into here which has a degrading impact on the lives of the individuals and makes the innocent engage in wrongful acts.

For example

, a shopping complex in India made headlines, when a live microchip camera was found in one of its shop_s changing rooms.

In conclusion, it is mandatory to use surveillance equipment to monitor the actions of


under restricted protocols. While it helps in developing a safe atmosphere for the


, it can


create a hazardous zone for them as well.


, if suitable measures are implemented by the higher authorities,


it can be proven beneficial to acquire these tools for


purposes only.

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