Nowadays online shopping is extremely popular. Discuss the impact of it on the environment and on people, who lost their jobs because of it.

Ever since the evaluation of the technology,everything is in your fingertips. Nowadays internet shopping is one of the most famous things in society due to the convenient. There are pros and cons with


trend especially to the eco-system and the individuals as well. Throughout


essay,I will discuss




electronic shopping has a negative development on people because companies will reduce the staff and there will be less opening business positions. There will be fewer opportunities for people who seek for new employments and on the hand,there is a risk of losing someone_s profession due to



For example

, my sister lost her career a year ago. She worked at a Nike outlet but due to the demand of web shopping, management has decided to shut down the store.


, it is clear that cyber shopping has a negative impact on individuals because it can lead to losing people_s job.

On the other hand

, web shopping has a positive growth towards the environment because it can help to reduce pollution by using less gas. To explain more, if you want to purchase


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ew things we definitely have to travel from one place to another by using your own vehicles which means using more fuel. The more you use to fuel the more damage you create to nature. But with internet stores,you can buy anything that you want with just a few clicks.

For example

, a study done in American University found out that the trend of buying things from online stores can reduce air pollution by 25%.


, cyber purchasing has a good development to nature because it can reduce the environmental damage that happens from using more fuel.

To sum up, even though internet shopping has a negative impact on people


as losing jobs and increasing unemployment, it has good development because of less environmental damage due to fewer uses of vehicles.

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