Nowadays, most information is available online, whereas in the past knowledge was used to be stored in books and on paper. Do you think the advantages of this situation outweigh its disadvantages?

Nowadays, it is commonly believed that philosophy plays an important role in social development and no one can deny it.


, in recent years we have witnessed that science is more accessible online rather than in paper form. I personally believe that


issue has much more positive effects than drawbacks.


of all, one of the merits of


matter is the number of articles which could be attained. In fact, if the datum is online much more materials are available.


, the more material provided, the more comprehensive researches are achieved. As an instance, when I wanted to start my academic research, a various array of statistics was acquired using the internet.

In addition

, data transferring velocity could be considered as the


benefit of a knowledge network.

In other words

, not only is the datum accessible widely but


the process is so fast.


, by applying the search engines, by far faster the data could be approachable. To illustrate more, as soon as a subject is entered in the Google toolbar plenty of reports is prepared only in a few seconds.


, the


upside of the web-based extension of know-how which could be highlighted is its easier accessibility. To be more precise, only by having a smartphone with an internet connection there would be an ocean of diverse features available, anywhere, anytime. As an example, when someone is waiting at the bus station he can search and read a special topic on his cell phone, even if he is not in a university library.

In conclusion, by considering the aforementioned reasons, available goods amount, data transmission pace, and easier approachability, I hold the view that virtual science availability has numerous positive impacts on scientific advancement.

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