Nowadays more and more older people who need employment have to compete with younger people for the same jobs. What problems does this cause? What are the solutions?

It has been universally acknowledged that the organization prefers to hire youth gene as a comparison to age and the problem of job opportunities due to the global economy is escalating at an alarming rate in the current scenario.


problem has been of a depressing magnitude.


a plethora of reasons are there yet some sensible solutions are available to curb


grave concern.


, commencing with the causes which are responsible for the growth of it the


and foremost reason is that lack of job positions to wider folks mainly because of the country economy is not as much strength as it should be.

in addition

, business preference to acquire new blood and energy generation owing to diversify ideas and information



folks worked long hours and participated in numerous policies for the well-being of a company.


, younger has ample technical know-how

that is

essential for illustrate in Pakistan a survey indicates that more than 70% of management prefer to appoint an applicant with an age of 25-28,

on the other hand

,mature applicants need to gain more computer knowledge and hands-on experience in order to get jobs.


, In order to solve


serious ,issue some measures can be taken.


the government should ensure that equal job opportunities should be available to all age groups in society.


, the business institution should provide


training on a routine basis for the mature employee of the company owing to gain adequate knowledge

that is

essential to compete externally in order to protect their employment.

in addition



copious companies around the world pays utmost attention to their aged illustrate Germany is a country where most of the population is over and above 40 and they provides all core amenities and opportunities owing to their longer service and robust valuable experiences.


, to recapitulate unquestionably the problem has become a burning question of the day.


it is not an easy task to solve


. Government and ethnic people should come forward hand to hand to mitigate


complex issue with the aforementioned suggestions.

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