Nowadays, more and more children are being exposed to threats on the Internet. It is the parental and social responsibility to ensure that they are not negatively affected by these menaces. What online threats are children exposed to? What measures could be taken to mitigate the problem?



digital age, juveniles are often preys of online threats. Following


essay is an in-depth insight into several epitomes of menaces confronting youngsters and some optimal solutions.
It is widely agreed that inappropriate content


as pornography top the list of concerns among foster parents and legal guardians. In fact, owing to the lack of censorship, sexual-provoking websites are accessible without a hitch;


, impressionable juveniles are likely to imitate misconducts, leading to moral decay.




heated, driven, or produced by burning fuel

by the rise of social media, the ubiquity of online frauds is inevitable.

For example

, anonymous Facebook users can trick any teenagers by asking for money, kidnapping, and not least online


an adult who is sexually attracted to children


In addition

, innocent children may be prone to cyber-bullying.

For instance

, exposure to acrimonious comments about their outlooks and distortion of their body images result in mental breakdowns and low self-esteem.


, the plethora of adverts or mere images of consumer goods has created the most demanding, acquisitive, materialistic and entitled generation we have ever seen.




the internet

is breeding social threats to adolescents.


, there are manifold pragmatic strategies to combat


issue. Protecting children online is, without a shadow of doubt, partly a technical and legal issue involving broadband and browser filters, but it is


a parenting issue. Parents should act as real-time censors to combat the manifold threats the internet poses to children. That means online computers should be within your eye and earshot and not in a child_s bedroom.

For instance

, they can restrict time allocation for browsing webs and provide parental support or advice when online threats crop up. What is more, it is a truth universally acknowledged that no one can protect them better than themselves.


, it is advocated that children should keep themselves up-to-date and avoid the pitfalls of

virtual world

virtual worlds
the virtual world

In conclusion, I firmly believe that child pornography and online frauds are of

utmost concerns

the utmost concerns

among parents.


, everyone should take steps to forestall the spread of online threats and embrace its benefits.

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