Nowadays many people work part or full time from home. Some people say that working from home has many benefits while others disagree. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Whilst some people are of the belief that celebrities earn myriads of money and negatively affect the community, others think that they must gain

numerous amount

the numerous amount

of money as they positively affect the public. I am convinced that superstars should receive

enormous cash

the enormous cash

because they not only make our life more

fun but

Accept comma addition
fun, but


they aware us about issues and problems in the society or globally. In the following essay, both views will be explained.
On one hand, people in our community think that people who entertain us should not earn big cash because they affect the society in a negative way especially the children and the Adolescent.

In other words

, in spite of their aptitudes, they harm the youth by their aggressive content like action movies which imitated by youngsters


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has been supported by an article published in The Guardian, as per


article, that the average salary of a public figure, who do not add value to the society, is almost 10x the salary of a life-saving profession like doctors.


, superstars must be salaried like any other job or be paid based on the value they offer.

On the other hand

, a big sector of the community thinks that entertainers deserve every penny they earn because they not only provide us with fun and inspiring materials, they


become symbols and mentors for the children. Per a documentary showed in Netflix, the national team football player of Egypt, Mohamed Salah, plays an active role



the crisis of drug addiction and makes youth aware of its danger.


, if superstars

did not be paid

haven_t paid
have not paid
weren_t paid
were not paid
didn_t pay
did not pay
were not paying

enough, they may leave the industry and we will be deprived



their art.
To conclude, some people believe in the entertainers and their crucial roles and they support the idea that they must



enough, others think the opposite due to their perspective about the celebrities_ negative effect. I would like to restate my opinion that people who entertain us must be compensated enough.

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