Nowadays many people complain that they have difficulties getting enough sleep. What problems can lack of sleep? What can be done about lack of sleep?

At present, the sleeping pattern has been changed a lot. Many


grumble that they did not get regular sleep. There are a few reasons why


have issues with a lack of sleep.


, some solution that can be taken by a person to improve their sleep.

The predominant cause of


view that


are more involving in busy schedules


as work, study, and many other things. To exemplify




are doing work in a double shift to earn extra money that creates more burden in their life, they do not get proper time for sleep. Some students take their study course more seriously as compared to other students. Especially, in the examination, many students get pressure on them and do hard work to gain top position in the class. All these lead to stress and anxiety that obviously affect their sleep routine.


, spend more time on social media. Nowadays, youngster and adult are busy on Instagram, Facebook, and youtube. At night, more use cellphone effect on their eyes.

For example

, in scientific research,


who use smartphone or laptop in a dark room has a negative impact on eyes and that makes them awake more


of sleep.

There are several ways to overcome disturbing sleep pattern.


, I feel that one of the best methods is doing exercise, yoga, and meditation. If a person does one of them for 15-20 minutes


it helps them a lot to get enough sleep at night.




relieves anxiety and stress which is why they get proper sleep.


, maintain a healthy diet,


should eat dinner 2 to 3 hours before going to bed that causes the digestive system to rest which helps to get asleep.


, the youngster should stop watching smartphone before bedtime. They should watch at least one hour before bed.

To conclude, sleep is a necessity for all of us.


sacrifice their sleep to achieve something in their life. They should maintain proper sleep that leads to a healthy life.

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