Nowadays, many mothers take care of the family and don_t go out to work. Some believe they should be given salaries by government. Do you agree or disagree?

Every woman must become a mother at some point in her life. Nowadays, some people say that mothers who take care of their families and do not go out for employment should be paid by the government.


article gives the final opinion after considering




, every mother should make numerous efforts for the good care of her children and family and expect a bright future for both. It is


true that mothers are the best family-keeper. A mom_s love for her household is the same regardless of her religion or nationality. Despite


fact, a number of have an abundance of responsibility for their household that they do not have time to participate in any kind of employment.

For instance

, women who become part of a joint family after becoming mothers ought to stay home without working outside, sacrificing their careers to support a large family.


, after becoming a parent, a woman need to manage her present while serving her in-laws in


a way that she can go out and take up a job or occupation according to her qualities and raise her family in a better way.

For example

, well-educated women do not stop working outside even after becoming a parent as it is a hobby of theirs and


helps the household financially and able to manage their whole day considering their younger ones and family members the most essential


, they get an abundance moments to enjoy with their family.

To conclude, after the aforementioned contention, I disagree that women do not go out and work at stay home merely for the sake of being a parent and a responsible family member.


, they need to manage their precious time in


a way that they can lead a happy life with equal attention to both their children and family.

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