Nowadays celebrities are more famous for their glamour and wealth than for their achievements and this sets a bad example to young people. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

It is an unfortunate reality of today_s world that celebrities are cherished and celebrated, not for their achievements, but merely for their fame and wealth.



in particular

, views


worldly possessions of celebrities as the highest mark of human achievement. No wonder


trend has devastating effects on the younger generation. To prove


, one has to analyse how


perceives celebrities_ success in general and the fact that many amongst them don_t pose the right kind of image for


to look up to.


, very few young people realise that all the fame and glory that the celebrities get to enjoy is never achieved overnight, rather it is all blood, sweat and tears. It takes years and years of struggle to get to that point, which many youngsters choose not to go through, rather, they look for shortcuts towards success.



as a result

, they are overcome with procrastination and laziness, which is a direct consequence of idealising the materialistic possessions of their ideals.


, one should consider the fact that a number of superstars in the entertainment business are infamous who should not be looked up to in any way.

For instance

, musicians who use extremely obscure lyrical themes in their music, or the actors working in biographical movies dedicated to serial killers etc. These instances show that when




forms of entertainment, they are somehow led to believe that they can


become as famous and successful merely by imitating their so-called ideals.


, the negative influence of


a trend is obvious.

Having analysed how glorifying the rich people, not for their hard-earned achievements, but merely for their worldly possessions, can affect


_s perception of success, it is proven that


tendency does set a bad example. It is highly recommended that


should be encouraged to realise that a man_s worth should not be judged by his possessions, rather by the journey he goes through to achieve those possessions.

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