Now, the amchine is very complex, and a lot of difficulty work is automated. Does this machine automation have more pros than cons?

Technology is improving in a quick manner and is invading our lives in the majority of tasks. The machinery is developing in parallel with the technology, yet several hard functions are done by the mechanical system. I totally agree that the advantages of these instruments outweigh their disadvantages.

The new automated tools have several drawbacks due to their powerful advanced work.

In other words

, it replaces the manual labour in the factories that provided the activities.

For instance

, a car manufactory would hire hundreds of workforce to build a car in several months,


, nowadays one modern machine took place of tens of individuals.


, electronic instruments have disadvantages for human jobs.


automated machines have negative impacts on employees, various positive impacts facilitate human life.


means the equipment does the same project as the person in a faster way which leads the commercial institutions to search for them.

In addition

, the machinery requires pre-programming in order to do the fine movement,


for the people that depend on their sleep pattern, physical status and psychological status. As reported in a study conducted by Oxford University in the year 2015 on the effect of the technology on cars manufacture, the industry was able to construct more cars in fewer periods.


, the machine performs the hard work of humans.

To conclude, instrumental labour invaded our lives and is making significant complex duties that the employees usually do. According to my mindset, I agree that the conveniences of the machines


as facilitating human life overcome the demerits of automation like the replacement of the labour force.

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