Most major cities around the world continue to grow at a phenomenal rate due to the massive increase in population. This has led to a general decline in the quality of life in city areas as the environment becomes more crowded and polluted.

Model Answer: , The tremendous expansion of the metropolises and the worsening environment in such areas are major dilemmas in the contemporary world. Our classic towns and villages, with gardens and playgrounds, have turned into ugly concrete jungles, and that has led to a deterioration in people’s living standards. This has primarily happened due to the mass migration to cities for better careers and amenities. The establishment of pristine societies and self-reliant suburban systems can improve the situation dramatically.

This urban sprawl could be attributed to two primary reasons. First, the migration of skilled and unskilled workers from rural to modernized societies, seeking a better job and higher quality of life, has accelerated it. It is evident that tens of thousands of people move to cities each year where they think they will have better prospects of career and earning. Secondly, city-centric education, healthcare, and other amenities have tempted people to move to cities. Take my grandfather as an example who moved to our capital city approximately 45 years ago with the hope that he would ensure better education for his children. This colossal movement of population to metro areas has increased the cost of living while declined the living standard.

The government needs to find effective solutions to check the mass migration of people to cities, and also prevent the deterioration of these municipalities and people’s living standards there. Firstly, constructions of pristine societies where environmental standards can rival what used to be in our cities in retrospect could be a great initiative. Then, the authority can encourage people to live in towns and rural areas by providing important facilities, such as health coverage, free education, and child benefits. For instance, if people in suburban areas are offered health insurance and education for free, they would not plan to move to cities where treatments and child education are generally much expensive. Moreover, the development of the suburban area to create more jobs is also essential without compromising its green nature. This could be achieved by constructing more schools, offices, business centres while also setting higher minimum wages in these areas.

In conclusion, the explosion of population in municipalities kills our future and hope. So we – the government, civil societies and individuals, must tackle this crisis before it aggravates beyond our control.

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