More and more students are choosing to study at colleges and universities in a foreign country. Do the benefits of studying abroad outweigh the drawbacks?

There is a tendency for youngsters to opt for getting a degree in overseas countries.


essay will examine the pros and cons of entering a foreign academy by youth.

There are myriad beneficial sides to being enrolled in overseas academies and colleges.


and foremost, many graduates travel abroad willing to be taught at prestigious educational institutions.

That is

to say, the best academy


as Harvard, Oxford, and Yale employ lecturers who are experts in their fields, meaning that qualifications gained there can open doors to better job opportunities.

For example

, a holder of a diploma from a foreign university might get a high-ranking position in ministries in Kazakhstan. Another advantageous point is that living in a foreign country can broaden scholars_ horizons. What I mean is that overseas students are exposed to different cultures and customs, leading to being tolerant of every human being. What is more, spending a prolonged period of their life abroad might be a perfect environment to learn some international languages. They can immerse themselves in a language.

Oppositely, one evident drawback of studying abroad is that living away from home can be challenging. Many scholars feel homesick and miss their families, which might be a cause of some mental-related diseases.

As a result

, these people underperform and there is a chance being of expelled from the university.


, the language barrier can cause difficulties which in consequence might be a hinder in the process of gaining profound knowledge.


, life in a foreign location can be arduous due to some reasons as finding an apartment and paying bills.

To sum up, an array of school leavers has been enrolled in colleges and educational institutions abroad. Some drawbacks notwithstanding, obvious advantages outweigh them.

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