More and more people think that there is no need for printed paper newspapers. To what extend do you agree or disagree.

Nowadays, online newspapers have gained in popularity, changing the way people receive information.


some traditionalists argue that printed


newspapers still play an important role, I believe there is no need for these things and they should be replaced.
There are a number of reasons why the


edition is not an effective way to transmit information.



Accept space

the speed of using newspapers to disseminate news is slower than other types of media.

For instance

, by broadcasting news on TV, citizens can keep track of events that happening in another country at their home, which would take at least a day if using newspapers.


, the information on most


newspapers has been deemed biased as they come from the mainstream media. If people gave up using those newspapers and read more from other resources on the Internet, they could receive more varying opinions, helping them avoid being manipulated by organizations like governments.
It is


clear that


newspapers is not efficient. One of the compelling reasons is that in order to produce


that is

used to print the press, materials like wood are imperative. Since logging is one of the major causes contributing to global warming, people should give up using the


news edition as the way to protect the environment.

In addition

, the cost of publishing


newspapers is higher than other types of journalism. By replacing


press with online ones,

for example

, the publishers can save a great deal of money.
In conclusion, giving up newspapers can benefit not only citizens but


society at large. Publishing companies should take steps to replace completely the


edition by using online press.

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