More and more people are eating healthy food and exercising regularly. What are the reasons for that ? and what can we do to make other people do the same?

Nowadays, a healthy lifestyle is a priority for many people as the public understand the importance of maintaining physical and mental health. Overall, In my opinion, there are some reasons for these choices, the quality of life and saving money for the future. Health promotion is an essential need that must be fulfiled today to encourage people to stay healthy.



reason that contributes public consuming healthy food and having exercise habits that are to be productive in doing an activity every day.

For instance

, society in Indonesia usually goes to the traditional market to buy vegetables, fruits and fish for their meals.


, they always wake up early at 4 am for jogging or walk around the residence to have a deep breath and refresh their mind.


, a few people have rush hours in the morning so they do not have enough time for cooking and exercising regularly.

In addition

, they decide to order online junk food or fast food and exercise only once a week.



reason is community do not want to spend their money on hospitalization. Well-being investments are much more important for the society in the low to up economic classes.

For example

, the elderly in Malang almost spend their time for medical checks , doing yoga and seasoning chicken soup or porridge to maintain their health every week.


, most of them has retired so it was not going to be easy for taking care when they had the signs and symptoms of the chronic illness.

In my viewpoint, the public should be socialized by using online and offline media to promote a healthy lifestyle. The effectiveness of using Whatsapp, and Instagram might be a solution for folk who want to access medical data without visiting the hospital or public centre. To illustrate, in Malang, many workers spend their moments at the office or outside rather than stay at home cooking by themselves or having exercise together with a family member.


, information regarding healthy behaviours should be sounded to everyone close to us.

In conclusion, the quality of human life depends on personal motivation whereas the benefit of that choices will come back to




, folk could choose the best way to make their activity is meaningful, which leads them to the betterment of growth tomorrow.

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