Modern lifestyles are completely different from the way people lived in the past. Some people think the changes have been very positive, while others believe they have been very negative. Discuss both these points of view and give your own opinion

Nowadays there is much controversy over the changes in human’s lifestyles and their effects in comparison with the past. Some people are suggesting that the new way has brought us positive consequences while others argue that the negative effects are greater.


I agree with the latter view, it is noteworthy to bear in mind that


phenomenon has its own two sides. I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of modern


which is proceeding in my opinion.

On one hand, the young generation’s perception of their lives is compatible with the twentieth century’s technological revolution. The new


which contains spending hours on the internet has brought different nationalities closer to each other.

In addition

, for years spending time for ourselves had been viewed as taboo but recently people are taking a fresh look at it which has resulted in a more successful and healthier generation.


, our lives are becoming much easier.

For example

, people are ordering food


of cooking or meeting their parents on social media


of stocking in traffics to visit them.

On the other hand



there are undoubtedly some benefits, it has brought us many problems.


of all, the most obvious consequence of


new type of communication is the increasing gap in families. It might be preferable for the younger population but the older ones are not familiar with it and are being suffered by




, consuming more fast food

as a result

of modern


is not only affecting the physical health but


causing mental illnesses by replacing the time that couples spend together preparing and eating food.


, extinction of some cultural beliefs may ensue as the result of the integration of cultures by





To sum up, the novel way of living has promoted communication in a wider circulate and has brought us more chances to grow


making our lives more convenient.

On the contrary

, it is ruining the cultures and the narrow relationships of our family members, and the prevalence of mental and physical diseases are increasing.


, I believe the disadvantages of the youngsters’ perspective toward the world are much greater than its advantages.

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