Many university degree holders cannot find a job in their chosen profession.What factors may have caused this situation and what, in your opinion, should be done about it ?

Finding an appropriate job in the relevant subject has become a challenge for many degree holders since


few years. Majority of professional graduates are suffering to get a suitable post according to their profession. I agree with the above perspective and


essay will discuss the possible factors and will suggest some solutions to deal with the underlying matter.

Being the subject of debate for many, degree holders are challenged by the congested job market. There are a couple of aspects that are ground reasons for




as, National and Multinational Companies preferred to hire competent and experienced personnel to fill the void,


, fresh graduates losses the chance to get their hands on.


, small corporate offices have fewer vacancies and they provide less salary package to fresh comers that would not satisfy them.


, companies are highly saturated with less vacant spaces for professionals . There are many ways to rectify




as; Universities and Colleges should start paid internship programs after the degree completion that will be helpful for them in gaining practical experience of their subject.

For instance

, Medical students have the compulsion to do one-year post-graduation house job.


, hiring organizations should provide prior training and seminars for the posted offer.


, by implementing a few protocols they can provide a platform for new interns to pursue their career.

To recapitulate, as per my notion graduates always find it difficult to get an appropriate position as per their qualifications. To rectify the concrete reasons


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unemployment, firms should open up as many doors to encourage and welcome young talent in the real world of competition


, both ends will be benefited.

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