Many people try to look younger than their age. What are the reasons people do this? Do you think this is a good thing or a bad thing?

One of the strongest desire that mankind trying to achieve is looking more youthful than they are.
I think it is a nice thing someone can try to achieve,


it has a few drawbacks. So in


essay, I will describe why it is a pleasant thing and why many individuals tend to do



Primarily, it is human nature that someone wants to look younger a few years back. My understanding is that someone might feel like they will excel or recognizable in society, Or even admired than the others of the same age. And some might get more opportunities than individuals in the same age group.

For example

, in the movie industry to maintain their fame and demand actors and actresses must stay glamorous and young looking as long as they are able. So for middle-aged people to retain their status or position in society seeing young is very important. Another purpose of stay looking younger is that self-satisfaction.


, it is beneficial for them to maintain their lifestyle joyfully and continue better relationships.

It is obvious that, attempt to look younger than they deem to be is a great action. Some individuals who are in middle age, deteriorate their life imaging of losing the young look. There is no doubt that they drop their mental and physical well-being. So to overcome


issue one can take the path to try to look younger.

Taking everything into consideration, my personal thought is people attempting to look, stay looking young will encourage them to spend their life healthier and happier.

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