many people think that technology creates significant impact in the modern word? Do you agree with this statement?

Nowadays technology creates a significant impact in the modern world. I strongly agree with


statement for several reasons.


, the internet has brought new means of communication among people


as live chats and social media.


kind of technology could help people to connect with others and could improve their relationship as they could keep in touch and chat with each other. To cite an example, with the help of social media websites, I was able to found all my old friends from high school,


, we were able to meet and have dinner all together.


happened thanks to the internet.


, the network has brought enormous benefit for business and markets, as more and more people are selling goods online. By doing


, buyers can buy goods from all over the world and choose different companies in an easier and faster way than it was before.


, as there are more companies in the market the prices will be lower than in


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national market.

In addition

, the web gave to access to everyone to search for information and news in real-time. For these reasons, automation could save improve our lifestyle and


our health.

For instance

, the web allows doctors to operate patients remotely and


could save their lives.

To sum up, governments must cooperate in order to research and improve our current technology,


, we should try to create even better technologies that could improve even more our lifestyle, health and our lives.

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