Many people think that every individual is responsible for their happiness, but some people believe there are other external factors that influence us. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Everyone cherishes a happy life be whether it is based on internal or external factors. According to my belief, nowadays the perspective towards state of being happy has totally changed. Most are of the opinion that it comes from within,


, others argue that our surroundings are responsible for a blissful lifestyle. Both the points will be covered in the forthcoming paragraphs with the relevant ideas and the supporting examples.

Contentment is not linked to materialistic world and the presence of loving friends & family members around us. It is rather a mere choice. In my view, One can still feel whole and elated, if there is no one to cheer us up. Even adequate resources can suffice the person. Like, a large section of citizens who are living in poverty seem to be living satisfactory,


, they have scant amenities.


, it is solely your decision to either embrace your current condition or complain about it.


, there is another part of the society who strongly reckon that it is almost impossible to be fulfilled without attaining success, comforts and other luxurious items. I simply feel that it is predominantly the mindset of human beings to acquire high social status they must posses wealth.

For instance

, as per the study conducted in the USA, it was proved that a massive sector of affluent society Is less happy than the other middle class families. Acquisition of material can definitely bring a cheerful smile on the face, which is certainly will be temporary.

In the conclusion, extravagant life has a relatively less impact on the happiness. Pleasure can only be achieved with inner will.

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