Many people think technological devices such as smart phones, tablets and mobile phones bring more disadvantages than advantages. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Several people opine that the use of technological advancements like mobile phone and tablets have more demerits than merits. I disagree with the statement and believes that if people make appropriate use of technology it can do wonders for them. In


essay,I shall depict the reasons for my consent.

To commence with, science inventions has always been proved helpful during difficult times. To exemplify, In the pandemic situation when children were deprived of their education because of lockdown, the internet has made it possible for them to study from home with the help of gadgets. As in many developed countries,the concept of smart school has been introduced where students are not supposed to carry heavy bags


they are studying with the help of computers and tablets.


, it


results in eradicating the leading cause of global warming which is deforestation by reducing the usage of papers for homework.

There is another perspective concerning most people and

that is

the effect of technological inventions on youngsters and their health. Nowadays kids prefer online games


of outdoors.

As a result

, of which their social interaction has reduced drastically.


, addiction to gadgets has resulted in health issues. It has made children lethargic and they are suffering from problems like obesity and weak eyesight. To exemplify, due to excessive involvement with gadgets their mental and physical activities have vanished which is core to the growth of a child.

To conclude, I believe that technological inventions have made our lives convenient in terms of communication, sharing of information and many more. Though, certain demerits are there with respect to juvenile but, these can be dealt with by parents supervising their children on daily basis. Still, the benefits of having a gadget indeed surpass its drawbacks.

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