Many people consider celebrities such as actors and athletes to be their role models. Do you think that people should look up to celebrities as role models? What other types of people are worthy of admiration?

Recent years have witnessed an increasing interest in public regarding the lives of movie stars and athletes. While some people think that these famous individuals are someone whom they aspire to become, I believe it should not be the case.


, others deserve more praise and accolade


as teachers.


, celebrities may set horrible examples for people through their behaviour and language. Indeed, a considerable number of actors or athletes nowadays do not seem to mind how the general public perceives themselves.

As a result

, they may use crude, indecent language, or even commit illegal offences and get arrested.


, people in the limelight would promote an extravagant lifestyle. There is no doubt that these people receive enormous incomes from their lucrative businesses, and the fact that they splurge money on prohibitively expensive items and holidays is understandable.




may conjure up a misleading image that spending money excessively is synonymous with being popular. Fans, especially teenagers, would,


, emulate their idols and wasting a huge amount of money, trying to become someone whom they are not.

There are indeed infinitely more people who deserve the same recognition as celebrities do, and some of them are teachers. It is true that they play a pivotal role in shaping the world_s education.

In other words

, teachers are the cornerstone of the future of an educated workforce.


, a world without its existence would regress and result in a less intelligent society.


, teachers have spent most of their lives trying to impart wisdom and foster the growth of many generations, only to be rewarded unjustly. As for their substantial dedication, teachers should be held in high regard and treated as well as other professions.

In conclusion, I think people_s adoration for their idols should not turn into an effort to imitate them.


, teachers exemplify great models to look up to, and


they should receive the same, if not more than, recognition as celebrities.

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