Many people believe that social networking sites have had a huge negative impact on both individuals and society. To what extent do you agree?

Social networking sites are believed to had a big negative impact on people and society by many people.


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sites will impact the society in the future, as they aren_t in our society for too long. Even though it may be early to say, I certainly agree that we can see negative impacts on children and teenagers who are growing along with these technologies.

Nowadays, there are many websites available for social


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as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so on. Of course, many people weren_t affected negatively by these sites, but their popularity in the world and especially with teenagers is rapidly growing, and we can observe many individuals becoming addicted to them and actually showing signs of problems in the result of


effect. But there is still a question unanswered, are these problems directly related to social websites, or there is any mental disorder or other problem that impacts the results?

Regardless of its possible problems, social websites can be used as great tools for many purposes. So while people could be affected in a bad way using these sites, many people will make good use of them.

For example

, you can use them to keep in touch with your relatives and friends, to talk to people from abroad, share and support ideas with anyone you want and so many other good things.

In conclusion, despite the fact they are already available for some years, their popularity has only grown in the past decade with the large distribution of smartphones, and so, their impacts are not easily evaluated yet. I agree that they are already impacting the lives of many people, and we can observe some negative aspects.


, I support that they can be used for good purposes, and there are way more benefits from its use.

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