Many people believe that music is just a form of entertainment, while others believe that music has a much larger impact on society today. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Music is known as a form of entertainment for many people.


, it can


have a special and different meaning for others. In my opinion, I believe that the definition of melodies for each individual may vary depending on their circumstances, likes or dislikes.

Undoubtedly, many individuals describe music as something extremely important in their lives. Songs can reduce one_s level of anxiety and depression, by expressing all your emotions and thoughts which cannot be explained in words through singing or playing instruments. It can


work as a way to block all the noise around us, which will help us focus better on what we are doing.


is something that I usually do.

In addition

, songs can bring people together and make them closer.

For example

, my whole class once had to perform on stage in front of a big audience. During our rehearsals, our grade had to interact a lot as a group.

As a result

, we became close and united.

On the other hand

, some individuals define it as just a way to entertain themselves. They listen to melodies only when they are bored. For these people, songs are not as meaningful, as they have different activities that they prefer to do.


, beautiful sounds are dispensable in their lifetime.

For instance

, a boy who really likes swimming would prefer to do what he loves


of simply listening to beautiful sounds. He will only listen to melodies when he is truly bored.

In conclusion, everyone has different tastes, so the meaning of


Remove the article

The indefinite article, an, may be redundant when used with the uncountable noun activity in your sentence. Consider removing it.

show examples

activity may change according to what they like; the same works for music. Every human being has something that they love to do and are interested in, making them focus more on it


of doing other things.

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