Many people believe that in order to have clean and tidy streets in their neighborhood, this should be the residents_ responsibility; while others think it should be the government_s duty. What is your opinion?

Nowadays, cleanliness is the major concern. But what is the most effective method for dealing with cleanliness? Some people believe that it_s an authority, responsibility to deal with cleanliness of streets, others have different opinions. I completely agree with


fact that having a clean street is the residents_ duty and I will support my opinion with examples in




, mosquitoes occur in place like dirty environment which leads to diseases like malaria, dengue etc. Individuals can_t blame the ministry for


incident. The residents should be itself aware about the importance of neatness.

For example

, ministry of India provided awareness about neatness through “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan”. If we individually maintain our society and treat it like our home,


the world can lead to a better place.


, proper sanitation will lead healthy and pure environment.


will be an added point regarding one_s health. To exemplify, the residents can get pure oxygen, which is responsible to clean our lungs and strengthen our immune system.


, fresh air is good for our digestion system.

On the other hand

, people consider that keeping society clean is not their duty. For illustration, many people consider society as public property and it comes under authority_s department to maintain it.


is the major problem and can be considered as one of the huge drawbacks.

In conclusion,


it is a common belief that authority should take duty about freshness, I believe that the resident should be taught and awareness should be provided regarding the importance of freshness.

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