Many people are of the views that living abroad can teach one a lot of things about different cultures where as others believe that this may lead to have some bad impact on one_s own cultural lives.

A person_s lifestyle can change after migrating because it gives new experiences. Most of the people are anticipating to go abroad and live life with luxury. According to my view, I cannot see any wrong path for migrating and share their experiences with others. It will enhance other_s expectations and avid to visit other countries in the future. A person who spends in another country is not an easy activity, it may be a complex situation.


, the ideas of the person living in a foreign country have a significant value.

On the other hand

, when people try to travelling overseas, it is essential to acknowledge some details from people who live in those countries. It assists to avoid disturbances and preserve their mentality. In my perspective, experiences and knowledge cannot be measured because it may useful for embarking a new life.


, teaching some new involvement in aborad is important for some people.


, people can believe it may harm their traditional values.

For instance

, juveniles can persuade to dress, live, and manage their languages as a foreign language after hearing western patterns.


, parents may worry about their kids because they may need to visit overseas. It may become a huge challenge for their parents, and destitute people cannot afford it.


, modern society automatically tends to catch up with other social upbringings


as dancing, music, and the western educational system. I believe, sometimes, it may impact the own characteristics of persons, and vanish their born traditional values.


, some drawbacks can be seen in teaching a variety of nations.
To sum up, people have to absorb positive outcomes from studying overseas experiences and try to escape negative circumstances.

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